The Harvard of Yoga: An Anusara® Yoga Studio

Voted Best in Bergen 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.  Shree is the popular local choice for top-quality yoga  with a personal touch. Most people in this area looking for smaller classes and excellent instruction come to Shree.  We are an Anusara Yoga studio comprised of highly trained teachers offering an elegant system of biomechanical alignment. Read more about Anusara Yoga here.

You should call this physical therapy, not yoga. This is more effective than the three months of physical therapy I did.

A new student

Our Mission

The intention of yoga at Shree is to uplift the mind and spirit while strengthening and stretching the body. In our classes, you will learn an elegant method of alignment, including energy loops, spirals and biomechanical principles. This method enhances body awareness and improves balance, strength, and flexibility while reducing risk of any injury.  We offer a wide range of classes to suit different needs and learning styles.

Something for Everyone

Each student works at his or her own level, finding a comfortable starting point and moving forward from there. First-time yoga students are welcome and will find our beginner classes an easy and fun stepping stone on to the path of yoga.  Our Gentle Therapeutic classes each week offer something for any body and are our easiest classes.

Developing You

We at Shree are dedicated to serving each student. We seek to help you develop your yoga practice in an easy empowered way. Our goal is to support you, seeing the best in you, and to assist you in your experience of finding the best within yourself. See our New to Yoga tips



Beyond Classes

In addition to yoga classes, we offer a wide range of workshops, retreats, yoga teacher training, and the Shree Immersion Program which gives yoga students an opportunity for in depth study of yoga philosophy, alignment and life style.


Anusara Yoga

A modern methodology to teach yoga, Anusara brings spirit and grace into practice around the world. We celebrate life’s diversity, the qualities of our heart, and seek a connection to something greater than ourselves.  Anusara teachers create each class with a heart-oriented theme that inspires and transforms students to work from the inside, out.  With the precision of Universal Principles of Alignment™, Anusara teachers guarantee that students are honored as unique individuals and are encouraged to safely explore poses that challenge and transform.



Thoughts From a Teenage Student

The experience of being a student there is that you get transported into a different world.  It’s an oasis.  You come out of the rush of your day.  It’s in a beautiful setting right on the river.  You have “You time,” and a space where you can relax and tone yourself and develop your core.  And it’s a very chill and relaxed atmosphere.  It’s strong and serene — and not super-sweaty.

10% to Charity

Since our inception, Shree Yoga has donated over 10% of its after-tax profits to charity, including: Heifer International, Kula for Karma, Helping Hands Interfaith Coalition, Neighbor to Neighbor, Bpeace and CASA of NJ.  We were featured in the Wall Street Journal for our charitable contributions to CASANJ in March 2012.

Thoughts From the Owner

Because all our teachers are trained in Anusara Yoga, there’s a consistency to our instruction and technique. In addition, each week introduces a new contemplation theme to give more depth to your practice.  Also, our classes are small.  Because of that, they’re very safe as you receive personal guidance.  We’re the only studio in the area offering a suite of gentle therapeutic classes including for bad backs, strong bones, restorative and more.