About Anusara Yoga

Shree Yoga is an Anusara yoga studio. Anusara® Yoga means “flowing with grace” or “follow your heart.” Anusara Yoga promotes deep personal growth and transformative experiences on all levels due to its comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, creative and joyful approach to the physical, mental, spiritual and mystical aspects of yoga. Through community, movement, meditation, breathwork and Tantric philosophy, Anusara Yoga aligns your mind, body and heart, thus giving you the opportunity to connect to yourself in a deeper way.

Anusara Yoga is a unique form of Hatha yoga that invites people of all backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Anusara goes beyond fitness by supporting practitioners in self-discovery. 

What can you expect from an Anusara class?

  • A focus on aligning mind, body and heart through careful movement, based on a deep understanding of the body’s skeletal, muscle and fascia structures;
  • A highly-trained teacher who is eager to share their love of Anusara with newcomers and experienced practitioners alike;
  • The opportunity to connect the heart, body and mind through meditation and reflection;
  • Increased strength, flexibility, balance and awareness.

The History of Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga, an innovative form of Hatha yoga focused on the alignment of the mind, body and heart, was created in 1997. For over 20 years, Anusara’s philosophy of practice has fostered a deep connection between physical alignment and self-reflection. This unique dual focus allowed Anusara to grow in popularity very quickly. Soon after its creation, it became a deeply valued method of Hatha yoga practiced and taught worldwide.

Anusara classes create a sense of belonging and community for thousands of students around the world who long for the physical benefits that yoga can offer as well as deeper understanding of their life purpose, dreams and aspirations. Anusara Yoga meets the needs of any level of practitioner, making it safe for every type of body, including those with physical limitations.

In 2012, questions surfaced into the public domain regarding some activities of the founder of Anusara. These questions included reports of ethical improprieties. The Anusara community subsequently determined the need to pursue a new organizational structure and ultimately separated from Anusara, Inc. to become a teacher-led organization called the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. The School, which was formed in 2012, acquired all intellectual property and copyrights previously owned by Anusara, Inc. The School has no formal relationship with its founder.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga is teacher-led with democratic decision-making and integrity at the core of all its work. The School values sustainability, transparency and honesty in everything it does. In 2017, the School gained its not-for-profit status in the USA, and the organization has a strong Board of Directors comprised of Anusara Certified, Inspired and Elements teachers and expert Anusara students, selected from the School’s five global regions (Europe, Latin America, Asia, USA, Canada). Representing the needs and interests of the global Anusara community is a primary focus for the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

About the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

The School’s vision is to foster a unified community that inspires and supports all practitioners of Anusara Yoga, from local to global, as well as those who have never taken an Anusara class.

The School supports the transformational power of Anusara Yoga worldwide. Wherever you are in your yoga journey, we welcome you and invite you to be part of a beautiful and inspiring yoga community. We are focused on sharing this remarkable form of yoga with anyone who is interested.

In the same way that our fascia maintains the form of our bodies, the School provides a global structure that:

  • Provides support, rigorous training and ongoing professional development of teachers from Anusara and other hatha yoga traditions;
  • Offers Anusara practitioners and teachers a rich, evolving and dynamic educational program that includes curriculum and teachings in philosophy, asana, anatomy, meditation, breathwork (pranayama) and yoga therapeutics taught by highly experienced scholars and experts;
  • Sustains a vibrant global community and active network of Anusara practitioners by using email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube and promoting a variety of Anusara events around the globe;
  • Maintains the integrity and unique qualities of the Anusara method.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga Focus for 2019 and Beyond

  • Support local teachers with country and regional workshops and increasing our presence in international yoga festivals to help strengthen awareness of the Anusara method;
  • Increase translations and materials in native languages to support and celebrate our global community;
  • Increase our mentorship of newly licensed teachers;
  • Clarify and streamline our teaching Certification process;
  • Increase our communications with teachers worldwide to strengthen our collective sense of community and purpose.

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