Virtual Library Memberships

For the times when scheduling prevents you from getting to class, we’ve created several virtual library memberships of past recorded Zoom classes you can access on your own time:

  • The Virtual Content Library $39.99 a month
  • The Short n’ Sweet Library $24.99 a month

Here’s how to join:

  1. Select a membership from the options below
  2. Make your purchase
  3. If this is a gift, email to set the membership up for your recipient and for a customized gift card
  4. Your library is accessed from your Punchpass account
  5. Bookmark the page for easy access and enjoy!
Virtual Content Library
39.99 a month with a 5-day free trial
With over 200 videos divided into collections so you can easily find the type of class you want to take plus new videos added regularly, there’s something here for everyone. Cancel anytime.
Collections include:
    • Yoga for various levels
    • Meditation
    • Breathing
    • Stretching and fitness
    • Short tutorials on basic poses
    • Wisdom nuggets
    • 10-30 minute short classes

Start your 5-day free trial

Short n’ Sweet Library Membership
24.99 a month
This is a special collection of 45 short practices from a range of your favorite teachers.

  • 37 general level yoga classes
  • 8 core workouts

Each video is approximately twenty five minutes long giving you a short sweet practice you can do anytime, anywhere. Perfect for lunch hour, early morning, after school or before bed. Cancel any time.
Start your Short n’ Sweet membership

The Virtual Content Library Day Pass
19.99 a day
For those times when you’re away and want to take a class with us but need to do it on your own time, the day pass gives you access to all collections in our Virtual Content Library and Short n’ Sweet Library – a total of over 250 videos. Purchase a day pass and keep your practice going wherever you are. The Day Pass expires at midnight the day you purchase it, so purchase and use it the same day.  
Shree Yoga’s Home Practice Accountability Circle Facebook Group
This is a free and private support circle for those practicing yoga at home to find community and encouragement to do a regular yoga practice. Many members are using one of Shree Yoga’s Virtual Libraries to support their practice. Some may simply be practicing on their own. Post what is working for you, or what you need help with. Comment on posts and encourage others to be as regular as possible with their practice. Let the group know when you’ve finished your practice that day. Let’s build community together.

What People are Saying About the Virtual Libraries

I feel so grateful to have the option of the Virtual Library at Shree Yoga. As my schedule fluctuates during this time of change and uncertainty, it is so comforting to know I can sign on to the library and continue to grow my practice. The library includes a wide variety of classes at all levels and durations, educational tutorials focused on specific poses, meditation and breathing guidance, along with many other offerings. When I am unable to attend a Zoom class, the Virtual Library provides a means for me to remain connected to my practice, my Shree instructors and the Shree community.
~ Annie
Chaya Spencer and her extraordinary team of teachers have compiled a library of endless choices: Beginner and Restorative, Level I and II and Flow, Tutorials, Meditations, Short Classes, Chair Yoga, Wisdom Nuggets, and Stretching classes that meet the needs of anyone at any time. I love the options and take advantage of the classes when it fits into my schedule. Thank you for this essential and exceptional offer that helps me to continually enhance my practice.
~ Sandy
I am enjoying access to Shree yoga classes and meditations through the Virtual Library membership, I can take a class on my own time. It is especially helpful if I can’t make a live class. Also if at the spur of the moment a meditation is needed in difficult moments, there it is, right on my phone! Thanks to Chaya and her team at Shree!
~ Mary

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I sign up for the free 5-day trial of the Virtual Content Library?

A: Click on this link,, enter your credit card info and you’re good to go.  After your first five days, your card will be charged for the month and will be charged automatically on the same day each month for as long as you keep your membership.  If you want to cancel after your free trial, before your card is charged, email Chaya and she’ll cancel it for you

Q: Is there a free trial for every membership?

A: The five day free trial is only for the 39.99 a month Virtual Content Library.

Q: What would I use this membership for?

A: If you are unable to attend live online classes due to scheduling, or other circumstances, the library would allow you to practice anytime and anywhere.  If you want to take more classes in a week, the library can supplement your existing live online classes.  If you are away on vacation and need to work around family scheduling and can’t make the live online class you love, you can find it in the library.

Q: How does my membership to the library support Shree?

A: Your membership provides a very important income stream that helps us pay our rent and other expenses we are no longer able to cover solely with online classes.  Think of it as a sustaining membership, sustaining the physical space of the studio for future use when things have returned to “normal” while providing an excellent resource and service to you.

Q: If finances mean I have to choose between taking live online classes or a membership to the Virtual Content Library, which one do you suggest I choose?

A: We always prefer you to attend live online classes where we can connect with you, give you feedback on your poses and build a sense of community and engagement.

Q: What’s in the library in addition to recorded Zoom classes?

A: The library has content created just for it: shorter classes (10-30 min), tutorials on specific poses, meditations and wisdom nuggets.

Q: How often do you add content to the library?

A: We add one or two new videos each week.

Q: How do I find the newest content?

A: Newer content will always appear first in the stream of offerings you look at.  Each video is dated with the day of its upload to the library so you can easily see what was added that week.

Q: I need a gentle class, are there gentle classes in the library?

A: Yes.  The library is divided into different collections.  There is a gentle, beginner and restorative collection where you’ll find plenty of offerings.

Q: How do I cancel my Library membership?

A: You can cancel your membership at any time from your Punchpass account.  Or, we can put your membership on hold and re-start it at any time.  Email Chaya and she’ll pause and then re-start it for you.