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Shree Yoga Advanced Anusara® 300 Hour Teacher Training

Commencing Fall 2020. Details, dates and rates to follow January 2020.

Yoga Alliance RYS 200 and 300

With Certified Advanced Anusara® Yoga Teacher Trainers E-RYT 500 Rachel Dewan and Chaya Spencer and subject matter specialists Elizabeth Doberneck.

You will be guided with patience and compassion to find your unique voice and a personalized way to bring forth your gifts through increasing your skills to teach a high quality Anusara yoga. This is a rigorous 300+ hour Anusara® yoga teacher training program led by  the most senior and skillful Certified Anusara Yoga teachers in New Jersey.  This program is for those wanting to increase their teaching skills or those wishing to teach Anusara Yoga.  It is open to any RYT 200 who has been teaching for at least 2 years.

Since this training teaches you how to teach Anusara Yoga, we highly recommend you take the Anusara 100 hour immersion.  While these hours do not count towards the 300, they will give you the information and knowledge base you need to be successful in the 300 hour.  If you have already taken the 100 hour immersion or an Anusara 200 hour teacher training, repeating all or any of the immersion is an excellent review and these hours will count towards you elective hours.  The immersion hours only count if you are “re-taking” it.

I was a little hesitant to sign up as I felt my practice was not at the level that it “should be” to become a yoga teacher but my love of the practice outweighed my hesitancy.  I have come to realize that there is no “should be.”  We were a large and varied group of students and each one of us came to the training with different abilities and different backgrounds. We were all honored for where we were and encouraged and fully supported throughout.

Alison Simpson

Weekends 2020 – 2022

Our 2020 dates and times will be listed at the beginning of 2020.  If you are interested in taking our training, please contact Chaya@shreeyoga.com for more information or attend one of our free info sessions with Rachel listed above.


This extensive Anusara Yoga training covers:

144 Hours of 9 Required Modules:

    • Teaching with the Universal Principles of Alignment – Minimum 12 contact hours
    • Teaching with a Theme – Minimum 12 contact hours
    • Sequencing – Minimum 12 Contact Hours
    • Observation and Adjustments – Minimum 12 contact hours
    • Anusara Methodology and Co-Mentoring – Minimum 12 contact hours & 12 non-contact hours
    • Philosophy – Minimum 24 contact hours
    • Functional Anatomy as it Applies to Yoga – Minimum 24 contact hours
    • Teaching Meditation – Minimum 12 contact hours
    • Teaching Pranayama – Minimum 12 contact hours

156 Elective Hours can be fulfilled through:

      • Taking more hours of the required modules
      • Repeating the 100-Hour Immersion or the 100-Hour Teacher Training
      • Taking any workshop with a Certified Anusara Teacher, as long as the subject matter is in alignment with one or more of the essentials of Anusara Yoga, namely, the Universal Principles of Alignment, non-dual Tantra, and the 3 A’s.
      • Up to 36 hours with a licensed Subject Matter Specialist.

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Shree 300 Hour TT Application 2020 coming soon

  • Completed an Anusara 200 hour training or 100 hours of the Anusara Immersion and 100 hours of Teacher Training.
  • Completed a non-Anusara 200 hour teacher training and 2 years of teaching experience and has completed the 36 hour Bridge Course.  These hours count as elective hours towards your 300.
Completion Requirements

For 300 hour Certification through the National Yoga Alliance:  

  • Complete the entire Teacher training course with 100% attendance. This includes attendance at all parts of all classes. Any missed classes will jeopardize your certification. In extenuating circumstances missed training can be made up by private instruction with the teacher at a rate of $100 per hour.
  • Complete all required reading and writing assignments on time
  • Demonstrate integration of all materials taught:
    • Teach with confidence and clarity
    • Introduce a theme and weave it through the class
    • Instruct the basics of each posture using plain, clear inspiring language and breathing queues
    • Teach all 5 Universal Principles of Alignment in order consistently
    • Teach using focal points, loops and spirals
    • Pay all fees and outstanding balances.
  • It will also be expected that participants purchase several texts.  Reading lists will be sent out upon registration.
Registration with the National Yoga Alliance
      • Once you complete all of your work and demonstrate that you have integrated the Anusara teachings you will be certified as a 300 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher and will receive a Certificate from the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. You may then submit your certificate to and register with the National Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.  You will also be eligible for the Anusara Elements and or Anusara Inspired status.
About Chaya Spencer and Rachel Dewan

Chaya Spencer, Certified Anusara Teacher, E-RYT 500 and Founder of Shree Yoga Studios has been a student of yoga and meditation since 1969 when she was introduced by her Mother to her first Indian Guru and began to meditate at the age of 6. Born and raised in New York City, Chaya traveled to India when she was 14 to study yoga and meditation. From 1978-1992 Chaya lived in a spiritual community, or Ashram, and traveled repeatedly between India and the US studying and teaching meditation, yoga, Sanskrit, Indian philosophy, music and cooking.  She received her first yoga teacher certification in India in 1990.  Chaya received her Anusara Certification in 2002. Read more about Chaya here.

Rachel Dewan is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher and E-RYT500, but more importantly, she is a seeker.  For as long as she can remember, she has read, studied, journaled, listened, practiced, and prayed. Naturally in her adult life this led her to yoga where, from her first class in college in 1995, she experienced a feeling of connection, support and ease. Yoga became a path of learning and lifelong practice that has helped to shape her life in all aspects, reminding her that when we open to the power of grace in every moment, we can choose the life we desire to live. Read more about Rachel here

Tuition, Discounts and Payment Options

Information coming 2020

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Refund Policy


One of the unique things about this course, was the opportunity we had to meet with mentors in smaller groups.  In our mentoring sessions, we worked with highly qualified teachers in an intimate setting.  The allowed us to really grasp important concepts, and have a chance to work through any concerns or learning blocks that came up.  In addition to the mentoring sessions, we also had the opportunity to hear from guest speakers who were able to inform us of their particular specialty. This is a program suitable for all yogi’s, whether aspiring to be teachers or not.  Going through this program will enrich your life in ways you would never have imagined!

Nancy Gross

As a 200 hour RYT hatha trained yoga teacher, I was eager to hone my craft and Anusara yoga, with its clear and systematic principles of alignment and its heart oriented theming, was the way.  Chaya has created an organized and comprehensive program through which she freely and humbly shares her wealth of experience and depth of knowledge. She was unfailingly clear and direct, while at the same time being encouraging and compassionate.  Chaya’s big smile and the twinkle in her eyes display her love of yoga, her love of teaching and her love of her students. I am so grateful and honored to have been a part of the Shree Teacher Training Class of 2014!

Nancy Seeback

Choosing the Shree Yoga Teacher Training program was the smartest move I have made in a while. Chaya has just given me all the tools I need to become a very good yoga teacher in the Anusara style of yoga. She has immeasurable amounts of knowledge, patience and grace and knows and understands how to teach people so that they really understand the material. Chaya has built a solid and abundant curriculum that is followed throughout. She has transferred and shared her knowledge with us very clearly and precisely. The Shree team of Anusara yoga teachers like Rachel and Elizabeth are unbelievably amazing mentors to our smaller groups. If you want a vigorous and prestigious certificate with the best teachers around, you have come to the right place!

Leeron Benesch

Being in the Teacher Training at Shree has truly changed my life and brought about an awakening of grace and faith within myself. The heart inspired teachings of both Chaya and her assistant, were wonderfully meaningful and full of inspiration. This training was not only extremely organized and rigorous but empowering as well. I have received an abundance of knowledge that will help me be an inspired teacher; therefore able to help others follow their heart and their dreams.

Anne Dixon