Private and Small Group Yoga for You and Your Pod

We offer both Zoom private yoga instruction and small group indoor or outdoor classes.

Friends and Family Pod or Private Yoga Classes

Invite your friends or family and create your own small group class or pod. We’ll come to your backyard or deck or you can bring your group to ours or even into the studio.  We’ll also come into your home.  To keep everyone safe, we require masks on for any indoor classes.  Our Covid-19 Protocols.

Request a type of class or create your own:
  • Active Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Fitness and Toning
  • Meditation and Breathing
  • Yoga for a Strong Back
Request an instructor or we’ll pair you with a good fit:
  • Rachel Dewan
  • Susan Walsh
  • Terry Cotter
  • Valerie Herzog
  • Emi Orozova

Purchase your Pod Friends and Family class here: $125 for 1-3 people and $25 for each additional person. Then, call or email to schedule:, 201-822-1131

Zoom Privates

Save $45 now 

Get one-on-one time with an instructor with a Zoom Private.  Your teacher will sit up close to their monitor watching  you as they guide you through your practice. You’ll receive direct personal feedback and have open dialog with them throughout the class. Set short and long term goals with their guidance. This is the closest thing to being in the room with your teacher.  It’s personal, intimate and a gift of self-care you can give yourself. You can split your private with one friend or family member.

Select a teacher from the list or ask us for a recommendation:

  • Emi Orozova
  • Karon Shovers
  • Rachel Dewan
  • Jan Jeremias
  • Susan Walsh
  • Chaya Spencer
  • Valerie Herzog

Zoom privates are normally  $125, and are on sale for $80 (save $45) Purchase your Zoom private here. Then, call or email to schedule:, 201-822-1131

One of our private instructors said: “My pleasant surprise has been how effective Zoom privates have been and how much I can observe onscreen. Clients like that they can take their private during lunch or before or after work and save time commuting. Students have seen improvements in strength, and most surprisingly to me have healed injuries with only yoga and no need for body work. Most of my clients have not done massage, body work or acupuncture for months and they have found the yoga alone has kept pain away, improved sleep and they feel stronger and relaxed.”