We have many live online classes on Zoom for you to choose from.

Some teachers will teach from their homes. Some will teach from the Shree studio.

To take a Zoom class

  • Create an account in our online platform, Punchpass, and sign the waiver when prompted.
  • Punchpass App (not in the App store): https://shreeyoga.punchpass.com/app (For iOS, use Safari)
  • While in your Punchpass account, pay for your class. Your first online class is only $10.
  • Still in your account, click on the class you want to take and make a reservation.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with the link and password for the class – hold onto this until your class.  If you don’t see it, check your  SPAM folder.
  • Zoom will download and open automatically when you click on the link to join the class. Use Chrome or Safari.  Close all other applications, email, notifications, and so on.
  • Go to full screen on your device.
  • Zoom will often work better if you are close to your internet wifi hub.
  • Punchpass App: You can set a Punchpass icon on your phone home screen or desk top for easy one click access. Here’s how. (For iOS, use Safari)
  • Here’s a one minute Zoom tutorial

Before your class

  • Set up your mat in a quiet, clutter free space. Have a strap, neck tie or belt and a blanket.
  • The teacher will practice along with you, so you can see the poses. The teacher will periodically look for corrections and speak to you through the computer.  If the class is a hybrid class, the teacher will be wearing a mask.
  • See instructions for chair and restorative classes at the bottom of this page.

During your class

  • Upon entering Zoom, your mic will be un-muted so we can all converse as normal. As class starts, your mic will be automatically muted to create a quiet space for all.
  • Your teacher will greet you, take attendance, and teach the class.
  • Need help? chaya@shreeyoga.com or phone 201-822-1131.

 For a chair yoga class you’ll need

  • A sturdy, armless chair placed on a non-slip surface so the chair cannot accidentally slip
  • Room around the chair to move and stand as we do in class
  • Your computer, laptop, iPad or tablet at table height, facing your chair so you can easily see it
  • Yoga blocks, a blanket, a strap. A few thick books will work instead of blocks. A medium towel or necktie will work instead of a strap. And, a tennis or other ball.

For a restorative yoga class you’ll need

  • Your yoga mat
  • 4 firm blankets OR throw blankets. Beach towels or bath sheets will also work
  • A bolster OR 2 king or standard bed pillows OR 3-4 firm throw pillows or roll pillows
  • An eye pillow, mask or towel to cover your eyes and help you relax deeply
  • We’ll show you how to creatively use what you’ve got!