Feeling better is an under statement.  Let me say had I seen that afternoon, I would have given you a big hug. 

Because of the spinal stenosis, I’ve been have problems with walking and standing for too long.  My legs start to numb up.  It starts in my feet and then it works its way up.  I get numb from the waist down.  My legs get so numb that I swear one day I’m going fall flat on my face.  I loved going hiking and haven’t been able to do so for a very long time.  My goal is go hiking again and not worry about having to worry about my legs going numb.

After coming that Saturday I felt great.  I was so excited, I went to the mall that evening and walked around just because it felt so good.  So even though you didn’t know, you’ve already been of great service.  I really enjoy coming to Shree. You and the instructors have made a difference for me.

Santo Giordano

I joined Shree Yoga in November 2012 after my girlfriend (who is the yoga teacher herself ) recommended it to me. The studio is very cozy and the teachers know what they are doing. I have experienced benefits in many aspects of my personal life – feeling more connected to body parts. Mentally, I have enjoyed a sense of inner peace. I have a very busy mind that keeps me in an almost constant state of hurry. When I leave a class I feel so relaxed and realize that I haven’t thought of anything but being in the class for the previous 60 minutes. It is such a vacation for my mind. The physical benefits are amazing too! Thank you Shree!

Lucy K.

I have been taking classes at Shree Yoga for about one year and during this time I have experienced a significant decrease in the number and severity of migraine headaches. Yoga helps me relax and must help the right chemicals disperse throughout my body. Sometimes I have attended yoga classes with a migraine to find that by the end of the class the migraine is completely gone or greatly diminished. Shree Yoga provides such a gentle approach to yoga that it is perfect for me. Every instructor is versed in correct alignment and this is what we are taught as students. I highly recommend Shree Yoga!

Robin Singer

It is my pleasure to let you know how much I enjoy practicing Yoga at this very special, tranquil, and spiritual studio. The teachers follow through with their love for what they are doing, and, I believe, for their great respect for Chaya, the owner. I especially like the diversity each of the teachers bring with them, in addition to the consistent quality of caring for the students well-being, enjoyment, and learning.

The yoga classes at Shree Yoga are the highlights of my week. I look forward to the calming physical and emotional healing experience I know I will feel during and after class.

Rita Fertel Court Reporter

Though I was initially intimidated by the thought of practicing at a “real” studio, my first beginner’s class was such a rewarding experience that I was immediately hooked. In my first week alone I went to four classes, trying a new instructor each time and marveling at how each one brought her own special touch to the practice. I wasn’t used to such a passionate, supportive environment and some instructors seemed to know more about human anatomy that my chiropractor. I didn’t only learn the “hows” of different poses, I learned the “whys.” For me, this studio was just right.

In the many months since that first week, my body has become stronger and my mind calmer. Most importantly, I’m more patient and now know that the best rewards don’t come through instant gratification (hello, Hand Stand). I believe that yoga will be a lifelong practice for me and I am so thankful that it began with Shree.

Trish Art Director

My yoga journey parallels my life experience….with ups and downs, joys and sorrows and bumps and bruises along the way. Today, in my rather mature years, my commitment is to restoring connections both internally and externally. Finding Shree Yoga has given me the opportunity to reconnect to my body, mind and most importantly my spirit. The gentle encouragement of all the teachers has challenged me to listen to my body, trust my spirit and stretch my mind to grow with new perspectives and insight. Thank you.

Lorna S. Smith Therapist

I started doing yoga about one year ago to help alleviate chronic back pain. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Shree Yoga. All of the instructors are quite knowledgeable, and are aware of any physical limitations that their students might have. As an added bonus, my bone density has improved without the use of any medication.

Irene Teacher

The setting of the studio, the invocation chanting and the caring with which the teachers of Shree Yoga conduct their classes have been perfect for my physical, mental and emotional growth. I look forward to every class and enjoy each instructor for her own style and personality. In the world we live today its a blessing to have a place where one can go and feel complete within. Thank You for touching so many of us.

Sangeeta Sobti Mother/Teacher

I’ve practiced many different types of yoga on and off for 15 years however I credit my experience at Shree Yoga for not only turning the light back on for me, but also really enlightening me both physically and spiritually. The very learned teachers make an active effort to connect alignment and attitude in a way that least for me, is very understandable and practical. I have been able to expand my practice like never before thanks to the extraordinary instruction, warm environment and fellow students.

Audra Hughes Marketing Director

Shree Yoga has done so much to improve my life – the classes are inspiring, uplifting, innovative and have helped improve my self esteem, confidence and overall well being. I look forward to every class (I try to take at least 2-3 each week) and enjoy each instructor for his/her own style, personality, knowledge, enthusiasm and special way of conveying the Anusara method of yoga. My heart has become more open in my everyday life and my stress and anxiety levels have decreased dramatically!! Thanks to all at Shree Yoga!! You have become an integral part of my busy life!

Jody Shapiro Dental Practice Broker/Appraiser

I was recently asked what were the top five most life altering discoveries for me, and finding and practicing yoga was up towards the top of my list. When I began practicing 6 years ago at the age of 30, I could hardly touch my toes. Practicing yoga, especially with the teachers at Shree, helped me to be the person I always wanted to be. It helped put life into perspective and ground me in truth, peace and well being. I feel centered and strong, and in this crazy world, I think that is an amazing thing. I just can’t even imagine my life now without yoga. I know it will always be a part of my life. Plus, I really can touch my toes now and, even do handstands! Thank you.

Debi Plasker Decorative Painter and mother of two

At my first class of yoga I thought, ‘I can do this and I can’t do that’. After I repeated my laundry list of physical limitations to my teacher, she kindly said, ‘Listen to your body’. My body had betrayed me. In 1996 I had a mastectomy and reconstruction using tissue from my abdomen. This left me finding alternative ways to rise from a chair or bed. Radiation left me with a frozen shoulder. With physical therapy, my body responded and I improved, but yoga restored me and made me stronger.

Physically, I am healed, but more importantly, spiritually I am strengthened. I have learned ‘to be in the present moment, to open to grace, to lift my heart, to create an intention and to breathe’. These are the spiritual gifts of yoga. Thank you.

Mary Smith Retired School Teacher


I just finished the precious gift of 20 days for $30 . I say precious gift because that is exactly what being a part of the studio and experiencing the classes was for me. With the unwrapping of your gift of teaching and Anusara yoga, my senses were touched with beauty, sacredness, opening and awakening . In your gift …… I was held in the spaciousness. I felt the life force I long for, breathing into me I felt my wings as I was grounded in my anchor. The introduction to Anusara yoga you gave , felt like an awakening and returning to my original home , my truest practice yet , my own alignment and integration . You have given much deliberate , focused and nurtured care to the building of your studio. First and foremost , the heart of any great studio is always it’s teachers ……. the teachers you chose to represent Shree Yoga, I find to be exquisite……… elegant , generous , knowledgeable, kind , loving and professional . I offer you all my gratitude. And in that offering to my newest teachers, I would like to acknowledge that it has been my teacher of 10 years that has prepared me for this day , that has prepared me to be able to receive the gifts of the integrated and aligned and whole practice of Anusara …….. her name is MeriLynn Blum ……. without who, I would not know what a gift you give. With Gratitude and Love,

Denise Ostrega

Chaya is an experienced, charismatic, spiritual, intuitive and spectacular teacher. I have always left her classes a better student, and with a thirst to learn more. Chaya is a rare and special gift to the yoga community. I am not a relative and have not been paid for this review, I am merely grateful.

Brie Lawyer

I highly recommend classes with Shree Yoga Studios teachers. They have taught me about my body’s alignment, no other teacher has ever mentioned this. Since I’ve been practicing yoga at Shree, I have noticed a lessening of back pain and a great increase in my flexibility.

Norma Bernstock Writer/Poet

Just wanted to let you know that today’s class was probably one of the best restorative/grounding/nourishing classes I have ever taken! It was simply impeccable. I literally felt the energy grounding and restoring me.

Adrienne Murphy MA CCC-SLP, RYT-200, Certified Vortex Energy Practitioner, www.zenergeticsllc.com